Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hello, there!

You didn't know it, but I'm shaking your hand via blog right now. It's much more sanitary than the real thing, so I'm doing you a favor.  Oh, nice grip, there, new friend! 

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Lyndsie, and yes, its totally spelled that way. Long story.  I blame my parents.  Anyways, I love cooking, baking, and pretty much anything in between.   But while I openly embrace the stereotypes of a girl who cooking and baking, that does not mean I subscribe to the idea of being a future over-stressed mother of three barefoot in the kitchen screaming at my future workaholic husband with a coif.  Great, now I'm gonna have nightmares tonight about that.  Again.

Lemme 'splain.  Yes, I love being in the kitchen, and yes, every time my brother tells me I spend more time in my kitchen than my room I have flashbacks from the blender fiasco from Father of the Bride.  But really, being in the kitchen is just something that I do, not something that I am.  I hope that through this blog you can get to know me... and what I do.

Now that we have that all settled, let me tell you about what I enjoy creating in the kitchen! I love to make breakfast items, definitely.  Breakfast is a new found love of mine.  I've learned that boys will let you down, but breakfast will still be there tomorrow.  And the next tomorrow.  I'm currently on a muffin/cupcake fix.  I've been experimenting with new recipes, which I'll post soon, and I have some new projects coming up (read: wedding shower cake for my future cousin-in-law... yay!)  Another goal of mine is to get back into cooking, something I put aside during the now past holiday season in lieu of baking.  Oh, and did I ever bake.

Well, friend, thanks for reading! But sadly, I must finish my homework.  Cause I do that a lot too, that whole "school" thing.  Its sometimes as great as it sounds... but not on Thursdays. Which is tomorrow. 

Have a GREAT day. :)
Love you, mean it!

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